Road Ragz


Playful and fun, provocative when I choose. I'm not traditional and a charmer with just the right amount of tease. Impossibly sexy and always irresistible.

  • Sexy single snap garters adjust to your legs for thighs to sigh for
  • Comfortable, higher rise waistband keeps your tummy lookin' flat
  • Angled thighs cup your butt and accentuate your asset
  • Sassy double "O" ring closure cinches where you want to flaunt your curves
  • Fabric is premium, cool beautiful Indigo denim 99% cotton; 1% Lycra®
  • 100% made in the USA
Put them on. Hit the road. You will never flirt with another pair of hot leather chaps.

PRICE: $175.00 with a great little backpack

Limited warranty included

Women's Denim Chaps:   FLIRTY  |  RACEY  |  MISCHIEF  

RoadRagz  Flirty Chaps
RoadRagz Flirty Chaps
RoadRagz Flirty Chaps