Road Ragz

What happens when a female rider loves the road, hates the heat and is too smart to wear shorts? She starts questioning the status quo. Why do chaps have to be so hot? Isn't there anything besides leather? And hey, why can't they fit my curves a little better?

What's a girl to do?

Well, this one took her leather chaps to a seamstress with a roll of denim fabric and said, "Copy them." In 2000 Teresa Petrini had put on her first pair of denim chaps. They worked well for many years and many miles of riding. And everywhere she rode, women riders wanted to know, "Where did you get them?"

The idea for RoadRagz was born. Teresa and her partner Jim started drawing on napkins, filling notebooks...and believed that chaps could be more feminine, fit a woman's curves...and be more chic!

They then brought in Israel Valdez, who has nearly 20 years of experience in design and product development, notably at Liz Claiborne and Donna Karan (as one of the original team members) and Elle Snow who is a former technical designer for Tommy Hilfiger and various boutique labels in Australia, Panama, and the US. Together, they helped Teresa and Jim shape RoadRagz' unmatched style and bring the dream to life!

RoadRagz, LLC is now full throttle and full of life.

The Vision. We believe that women who ride are smart, fun, chic and often rebellious. We also realize that a woman's passion for riding is accompanied by slightly different functional needs than a guy's. Whether you grip the throttle yourself, or simply thrill in riding passenger, RoadRagz is the long-awaited clothing line styled uniquely for you – the female rider. Finally, you can look great while doing something you love!

American Made. This is a commitment we made to our riders and ourselves. In building this company, we promised to do absolutely everything we could to proudly label our products MADE IN THE USA—and we did it—down to the last sassy buckle!

Our Chaps—Flirty, Racey, and Mischief—are made in New York City. Talented designers from Virginia, Washington, DC and New York create their matchless style. All are made of premium denim produced by a North Carolina company with a 110-year legacy of excellence. Those smart looking buckles? We found them in New Jersey.

Riding over the Horizon. RoadRagz is about the unique fit, style and comfort of female riders and the experience of just having fun on a motorcycle. This focus will allow RoadRagz to expand beyond the women's line somewhere down the road. So stay tuned, there is more to come from the inclusive, complete, and premium label.

For now, have fun, enjoy the ride, and let RoadRagz hug your curves. So...tell us, what kind of rider are you?

A Little Flirty      A Little Racey      Full of Mischief

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